• Heat-Treating – ISPM-15 Compliant

    We are a Certified Heat-Treater to meet IPPC’s Solid Wood Packaging export requirements, with two heat treat kilns on site.

  • Pallet & Crate Design Services

    Hinchcliff Products Company uses state-of-the-art CAD technology to design your pallets. "One size fits all" just does not apply to the pallet industry. Poorly designed pallets are dangerous and over-designed pallets are not economical. At Hinchcliff Products Company, we work closely with you to determine just what you need and expect from your pallets. Then we design them using the PDS (Pallet Design System) software developed at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and available through the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA). A PDS designed pallet provides maximum safety and performance with minimum waste and cost.

  • Value Added Engineering

    Hinchcliff provides its customers with superior product knowledge and engineering ability. With three generations of combined experience, Hinchcliff can assist its customers in evaluating, creating, and testing new pallet designs and platform capabilities.

  • National & Regional Accounts

    Hinchcliff can service regional and national customers with multiple facilities throughout the United States using a network of highly qualified, reliable suppliers.

    Network suppliers are evaluated by Hinchcliff personnel to ensure they not only have the manufacturing capabilities, processes and systems necessary to meet requirements but also the personnel, resources and track record to exceed expectations.

    Using Hinchcliff for regional or national requirements reduces overhead by simplifying the supply chain, speeds up the ordering process and creates consistency and conformity across an organization.